Excellence achieved through an unwavering commitment to our clients 
inspires all that we do. Clientf satisfaction is our foundation.

Assertive α Innovative α Resourceful α Commitment This is APLO.

About Alpha Partners

Alpha Partners Law Offices combines its domestic and international practices to support our clientsf expanding corporate needs. In terms of firm size however, we continue to adhere to our mantra of gsmall number - exceptional talenth.

Alpha Partnersf policy is to:
1DStrive to fulfill our clientsf needs for quality and efficiency;
2DStrive to provide legal services of the highest standard; and
3DMaintain quality standards through team work regardless of whether we are working
@ on individual or corporate matters.

Firm history

Firm head, Masatoshi Sase, started in practice as a sole practitioner in April 1983 working for Japanese clients on domestic and cross-border matters. He later went into partnership with Managing Partners Isamu Yonekawa.

Yun-ming Tao (admitted in China and also maintaining an office in Shanghai) joined the firm in August 2011, and later became qualified as a foreign lawyer in Japan, enabling Alpha Partners to represent clients on China related matters.

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